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How does a typical Android mobile app boost my business

Mobile applications have become the perfect way for businesses to grow their customer base and expand their brand presence. At DEVMET our android mobile applications suite offers businesses with an excellent platform to interact with customers and generate conversions. Using our Android development serivces, businesses can create powerful mobile applications to boost their revenue and market reach.


To make your business mobile presence successful, our designers need to take into account various factors such as the target audience, core features and technology used. Our android development involves best practices of user experience capability to ensure that users are engaged with the product more effectively. Furthermore, businesses should identify the main purpose of their mobile app and determine how best to leverage Android apps to meets their needs.

The core of an our android application paradigm help customers to complete their desired tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. To ensure a user-friendly mobile experience, our developers uses native functionality to produce high-performing applications that integrate directly into the operating system. Native integration allows customers to utilize certain features without leaving the app such as a purchase page or FAQ page.

By optimizing our mobile applications with Android features, businesses can improve the overall user journey. This can include features such as voice recognition and artificial intelligence, which can reduce the amount of user input required to complete a task. Additionally, our Android development also offers various monetization strategies to take advantage of. This could include in-app purchases as well as subscription plans and targeted ads to increase revenue.

Our Android development expertise offers a multitude of features that can help businesses to increase conversions. By building a tailored mobile application with an efficient user experience, your business can leverage the Android platform to boost the revenue.

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Use-cases of Android application development


Undoubtedly Android is the world’s most popular operating system for mobile devices due to its open architecture and the millions of apps and services that are readily accessible to users. Developers at DEVMET are leveraging this technology to create innovative apps and services that can provide users with powerful and intuitive experiences. To give your overview of our services, here are few use-cases of Android application development.

The first use-case is mobile commerce. Our Android apps are being increasingly used to facilitate mobile transactions with secure payment gateways. This has allowed businesses to reach more customers and process payments quickly and securely. Mobile retailers are taking advantage of this technology to provide innovative services such as cash on delivery and seamless checkouts.

Healthcare organizations are now leveraging suitable Android apps to provide patients with better, faster and convenient medical services. This includes real-time medical consultations, telemonitoring and telemedicine services. Our offered Android apps solutions can also be used to track vital signs and medical records quickly and securely.

Automobile manufacturers are now using Android apps to wirelessly connect vehicles to networked systems. This allows them to provide better driving experience with improved fuel efficiency, navigation and security services.

Social media and messaging. There are a large number of Android apps powering social media and messaging services. This has allowed users to connect with friends and family much more quickly, conveniently and securely than ever before.

Finally, Android apps are increasingly being used to provide educational services such as online classes, tutoring services and course material. This has allowed students and educators to access these services from anywhere, anytime.

In conclusion, our offered Android application development services can be used in a wide variety of use-cases and is rapidly transforming how we interact with the world. It has allowed businesses to process payments quickly and securely, improved healthcare services, opened up new possibilities for connected vehicles and connected people with social media and messaging apps. It further allows students and educators to access educational services from anywhere, anytime.

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How much does a typical Android mobile app project cost

When someone talks about the cost of an Android mobile app project, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as the cost can hugely vary and is contingent on a wide range of factors such as features, complexity, time, budget, and resources. However, an understanding of the different components of a typical Android mobile app project can help provide an approximate cost estimate.

To begin with, the cost of any Android app project begins with the selection of the platform, which is frequently supported by supplemental tools and frameworks needed to complete the project. Depending on the tools desired, extra expenses may be incurred. A basic Android mobile app project may begin from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in cost to design, develop, and launch the app.

Furthermore, the cost of our offered Android mobile app solution also varies depending on the time required to design, develop, and launch the app. As such, the more complex and sophisticated apps may require additional time and resources. Furthermore, the cost of the our apps are also contingent on additional project-level needs such as different third-party integrations, quality assurance testing, and customer support capabilities. Generally, additional features and services come with a higher price tag, with the cost of an app project increasing as features and complexity increase.

Additionally, it is also important to consider maintenance and support fees when budgeting for an Android mobile app project. This is especially important for apps with regularly updated content, changes to the server, or API changes. Our proposed maintenance fees for an Android mobile app project typically range from 15 to 20% of the project cost and include the cost of updates, bug fixes, and maintenance. These fees are most commonly billed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

In conclusion, these components combined can compose the cost of an Android mobile app project. As such, the total cost of an Android mobile app project greatly depends on the size and complexity of the app, the technologies and tools used, and any additional features or maintenance needs. Given this, our Android mobile app project may cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand in custom development costs, with additional costs for maintenance and support fees. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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